eXstor Library and Media Manager (eLMM)

We are excited to announce the release of our new app, eXstor Library & Media Manager (eLMM), derived from IBM’s Tape System Library Manager. eXstor Library & Media Manager provides tape drive and library virtualisation, load balancing and path management for AIX, Linux and Windows server. Secure, consolidated and policy-based access to manage cartridges for applications such as IBM Storage Protect.

  • Support for the new IBM TS1170 drive and the IBM Diamondback library
  • Native support of Redhat 8.8 and higher, SLES15 and Windows 2019
  • New IBM Db2 database model
  • Tool for a smooth migration from IBM TSLM 1.4 to eLMM 1.5

eLMM is the official successor to TSLM, see IBM Announcement of January 31.

Safe Guarded Tape (SGT)

Tape is dead. Really? In the times of ransomware and other malfunction software the need for a real air-gap is very important. We offer new tape tools for the IBM libraries TS3500, TS4500 and Diamondback with useful add-ons.

Our tool eXstor Tape Vault version 1.1 deliver a safe guarded tape feature for supported libraries. With TSM or other backup tools such as Veeam, Commvault etc. it is possible to use a virtual vault as one additional protection feature.