TSMCluster® is a cost effective and flexible solution for a high availability of your TSM environment. We are using already established redundant components of your hardware and software infrastructure, and offer in addition scripts or a web interface for the controlled manual/automatic failover. We can also integrate our scripts in already existing cluster tools, such as HACMP or TSA.

In most cases the failover of an TSM instance doesn’t interrupt client backup or archive sessions. Even running restore sessions can be continued after the failover has successfully finished. The integrated reporting engine delivers information about the state of the TSM cluster, the causes of the failover and a summary of the TSM server resources.

Since October 2022 we have the new version 8.1 in the market based on IBM AIX and Linux variations. This robust, scalable and often installed Cluster solution for TSM offers enhanced features and a lot of new functions:

  • New tool tsmcltool (for Health, Instance, Security and Snap)
  • New instance tools for Create, Delete, Backup, Restore, Check
  • Daily monitoring (report via mail)
  • Longterm logs for two years
  • Health check tool for daily operations
  • Web enhancements 
  • Support for TSM 8.1.14 and higher
  • Support for IBM Storage Scale 4 and 5 (previously GPFS)
  • Support for AIX 7.3, SLES 15 SP4, RHEL 8.9
  • Incl. TSM security features with TLS1.3
  • Support for TSLM 1.4 and ACSLS 8.4 on Linux (Linux VMs)
  • Object Agent (S3) Integration 
  • Operation Center Integration
  • New sensors for Db2, OS and TSM

Despite the high level of complexity, TSMCluster® remains easy to use via the web interface or the command line.